Beating the Bounds 2014

When Geddington receives a new Vicar, it has been known to host a walk around the boundary of the parish, ‘Beating the Bounds’. Not specifically a Brigade event – it is open to all – but many members and their families were present.

12 miles later, and we have the following photos to prove it actually happened…

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2014 Newton Field Centre

At the request of the Newton Field Centre management, a task force from the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade set about restoring some kind of order to the churchyard, which had become overgrown with brambles and ivy.

After a viscous battle lasting some 3 hours, the 9 GVFB volunteers emerged victorious (with only one or two scrapes) to enjoy bacon butties coated with brown sauce.

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Churchyard tidy up

This Saturday saw members of the brigade tidying up the Churchyard in preparation for the Summer.  Thanks have already been received from a grateful congregation.

Recognition should also go to Fireman Brown for organising and directing the working party. Photos follow…

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Tough Mudder 2013 – Boughton House

Following the success of last year, the GVFB were asked to man the “Fire Walker” obstacle. This year our involvement was to ensure that the fires were fed throughout the 2 days of the event.

Unfortunately we had to stop halfway through the Saturdays when there were fears that the wall between the jump and the water would collapse. Luckily this was repaired overnight and we were back stoking the fires early on the Sunday morning.

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April 29, 2013

It is with great excitement and pride that I can announce the re-launch of! Many hours of dedicated work on other projects have left me little time to work on this one, but I do hope you appreciate it nonetheless.

“This time he’s really done it!”
The Adjutant

I have tried to bring together the three main functions of the old site:

  1. The Brigade Calendar – essential reading for the active membership
  2. Latest News – always on the homepage so absent members can keep updated
  3. History and photos – a reminder of our former glory

As always, please keep feedback and comments to yourselves.


Fireman Harker, JME