2012 Bridge Street Floods

The residents of Bridge Street have been threatened by floods twice in November and were pleased to receive the support of the GVFB and other concerned citizens- to all of you that helped – thanks. Thanks also to the council for providing sand for sandbags and to the fire brigade for having a look at the drains.   The CO apologies for poor dress sense in his appearance on Look East!

The flooding is caused by an over-flowing surface water drain where the water is being forced out of a manhole near the bridge.  The u-shaped bund of sandbags is directing the over-flowing water away from the street and into the river.

Further flooding on 20 December with thanks for their quick response to John Gibson of Eleanor House, Jim Harker, Pricey, Joe and the CO.  Found that one of the storm drains into the brook was badly blocked with weed roots, now cleared, and the sandbag bund worked well.

However the problem is not solved and if the sandbags weren’t there then the street would have flooded again.  Anglian Water have attended twice but not yet solved the problem.  Please respect the closure of the street and bridge which are to prevent use of the ford when dangerous and to protect the bund when it’s needed.